Friends, it’s time for an exciting finger paint exercise – doodle, color and draw your own fun art for free with the cutest magic drawing games for girls and boys of all ages and even high schoolkids who love doodling and coloring! Bring out the artist in you with! Finger Painting: Drawing Apps for Free! 

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  • AdMob integrated
  • Simple drawing apps that help you draw with amusing sound effects that will encourage you to learn how to draw shapes!
  • Everyone can draw – it’s that easy!
  • Many colors to choose from – make multicolored drawings and add a rainbow effect with the special color!
  • Single-touch and multi-touch option : if you want to practice fine motor skills, use the single touch mode!
  • Each color has a sound! When you choose a color and start drawing, there’ll be a unique cheerful sound to accompany the painting process! Each color has a different sound, which makes drawing and coloring with fingers even more interesting!
  • Tap on the color you want to use and sketch whatever shapes and objects you want 
  • This finger painting and drawing app allows you to think about space, shape, color, and symmetry while painting and coloring your creative doodles! 

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