Enter the world of sweetness and have lots and lots of fun!

** Welcome to the land of sweets, where anything is possible. Ice cream magic awaits you in this **

** The “ice cream games” will unleash your creativity! If you know the answer to the question – How do you make ice cream? – this “addictive game” is the best option for you! The “ice cream maker games for girls” or just dessert making games with levels, you choose! The best “food game in 2018” is here! “Ice cream order games” with “ice cream parlor games” are ruling this summer! Are you ready for this breath of sweet and fresh air? Let’s have fun!**

This template does not include in apps!


  • Made with Unity
  • AdMob and Unity Ads integrated
  • Rate integrated
  • Plenty of kitchen utensils to use: ice cream dispenser, sticks, spoon, pan, ice cream maker, bowls, spatula, mixer, knife, paper cups, ice cream mold, freezer and more!
  • Tons of refreshing and sweet flavors to choose from and colors to use!
  • Outstanding graphics!

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