Hi all. We present our first picture, it was invented by 2 people. It reflects the world of modern Russia. There is dirty tap water and, of course, carpets on the walls. Psychedelic life — you need to visit us :). Here are the dreams of every inhabitant of our country about wealth and Rolex, but at the same time — doing nothing and sitting on the couch = laziness. Here and sometimes strange architecture, and abandoned art objects. Dreams of a better life and depression. Cheerful and happy children and at the same time = their unhappy parents. Here and care for the little ones and love for the elders. Here both family values ​​and their fall. Like most of the bad lifestyle and a bit of sport. Unusual animals — have you heard of the Amur tiger? Will you find it in the image? Weak?) Here and the love of cinema (yes, we love cinema). Here and in most of the problems with the style of clothing. And of course a few stupid ladies (we don’t have that many ^ _ ^). They also touched the walls of the hostels (did you hear what it is?) It’s like coliving, only a little worse: D) There is also a torn person who rushes from work to entertainment. And alcohol after work and not only = not forgotten. Here and domestic violence, as well as family trauma. Here is the desire for quick money and honesty. The departure from reality, the dullness of life and the rejection of all this also fit. There is also a mainstream of dreams — they dream about the same thing. Here are the views and values ​​imposed by society. Here is fatigue from idleness and idleness from fatigue. Well and much more


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Рады будем пообщаться как на темы whitehat, так и blackhat тематики ^_^ + всегда есть что обсудить по поводу рекламных сетей