** Looking for competitive games for friends to play? Well, this hot hands app might be one of the best two player games on the same device! Easy two player games are a fantastic way to kill time and replace classic board games with free mobile games that you can play anywhere, anytime! If you’re a fan of games that improve reaction time, you’ll love our hand slapping extravaganza! You search for fun games to play when you’re bored is over now that **Red Hand Slap-2 Player Reaction Game** is here!

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AdMob and Unity Ads integrated
• Rate integrated
• Fantastic graphics and intuitive gameplay!
• Play against a friend or against AI!
• Choose among different hands – normal human hand, zombie, animals and more!
• Win mega cool power-ups:
– Double tap – win two points for one single hand slap!
– Minus one – take away one point from your opponent!
– Shackle – you opponent can’t move their hand for one slap!
• Quick and casual games

Цена: 1 рубль


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