** In the dungeons of the magic castle in a faraway fairy kingdom, a mysterious witch is making potions day & night to turn herself into a royal princess to find a prince boyfriend and have a fairy tale wedding! Help her mix a beauty potion and have an ugly to pretty makeover! ** Witch to Princess: Beauty Potion Game ** is one of the best fairy tale games with potion making, dress up salon and a happy ending!

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  • Made with Unity
  • AdMob and Unity Ads integrated
  • Rate integrated
  • Breathtaking princess castle games & potion games that will make you feel like you’re in a real mysterious enchanted fairyland!
  • Make a potion – it’s all about potions and spells in the witch castle! Play our fantastic potion making games, learn how to make a potion in your potion shop & beautify your fairy princess! Once you know how to make potions & use different potion recipes, you’ll be able to make the right magic potion! Be the potion making master of witchcraft!
  • Beauty makeover – it’s time to play fashion dress up games and dress your princess in super cute dresses to impress her prince charming boyfriend! Our princess makeover games are dress up games for girls with so many innovative and fun dress up options!

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